Some of the best lessons that life has taught me

I am going to turn 24 at the end of this year. I am no teacher I am just a girl next door. Few life lessons that life has taught me so far.

1. I am no body to judge you.

Life has taught me not to judge any one around me. There was a time when I used to listen things and come to a judgment and sometimes I did not even listen and already made conclusion in my mind……..

This was horrible sign and I realized it soon because I end up being alone. When you judge every single person what you are actually expecting is that he or she becomes like you, they be like you is never ever possible. Then I started working on myself to start listening to people without any prejudice. When I say listening, I mean I started showing my genuine interest in listening to people and over a period of time this brought magical transformation in my life. I had better relationship with people around me, I was happier and more importantly I was a better person altogether.

2.  Life is beyond love and relationships.

Relationship is not everything. There are much more important stuffs in life that need your valuable attention. I mean do not end up your life revolving around one person. I was more stressed and insecure when I cared for only one person. When I started reading, talking to many people, listening to their story my mind was exposed to lots of information. I started thinking about how do I become more creative person. I did not get time for complaining instead I used my time to focus on self-development. This brought me amazing results. I was doing lot more stuffs. I found lots of my hidden abilities and talents that was lost somewhere. You might not believe it but this also started making my relationships stronger. Now I go for morning walk, take care of my health, stay positive, listen to music, go travel alone, try to learn from my surroundings as much as possible and not to mention nurturing my relationships in best possible way.

3.  I had to put effort in everything.

I am no exception. I was an average student in my high school. Things did not come in my way luckily or because I was fortunate. I had to put my effort to get things done be it anything. There were lot of time when I did not put my entire energy in things that I wanted because I wasn’t sure but when my dilemma started to fade out and I grew up I realized I had to follow certain process if I want to reach my destination. If I had to loose weight, I had to plan my day to take time for gym or morning walk. I cannot be lazy and undisciplined and still expect to loose 10 kg in a month. Point is you have to give time and effort on every single thing that you want. You have to be very clear about what you actually want and that will trigger your interest in doing the required. If you decide some day, I want this relation to work out no matter what because this is important to me then work over your relationship. Talk to each other, go for vacation together, open up and do not be judgmental.

4.  Being humble and grateful.

Last thing that I have learned is being grateful and humble. I was very messed up and I had lot of complains from my life however, this did not change until I decided one day to stop complaining and start being grateful for what I already had. I started laughing more. I started finding happiness in things that did not interest me earlier. And how did this happen??? When I go out and see people struggling for bread I feel so touched. When I read about tragedies of the world I feel grateful for making up to this day. When I see old people and children deserted and left alone I feel humbled. This is really important. Many times we forget to be thankful for what we have and crave for more but I suggest you to see the sufferings and trauma of other people and you will realize you are the luckiest person alive.

5. Family know you better than you know yourself.

I am writing this because I have had some hilarious moment when I thought I am over smart and grown up while I was still dumb (as my brothers and sisters tease me). I love to go travel alone sometimes. I would just find a place to visit, open my google map and follow the path. This happened last week when I was looking for an old homage nearby and I found one. I changed two or three buses to reach that place. When I was about 200 meter from my destination (google map navigation) I started navigation. There were lot of streets and I was just going in every street to find the place. Lastly I found the correct one. Android version of Siri tells me that you have arrived your destination. I asked few person but they were not aware of this place. I knew I had screwed up. I could do nothing but laugh at my silliness (thinking my siblings probably ROFL by now, thats what they always do) because sometimes they know me better than I know myself. This is just one such incident. I have been through many (that I do not wanna mention here :p) when I have realized “because they are family”.

6. Looks are not everything.

If you want to be beautiful be good at your heart. I sincerely believe that no matter how attractive you look from outside if you speak ruthlessly, behave indifferently and think evil world will start to ignore you because world need love, faith, nobility and most of all need to be cared. I am happy to be aware that no matter how ugly I look I am accepted by all as long as I am kind and empathetic. There are thousands of beautiful girls and handsome boys out there but not every one is Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra or Shahrukh Khan. Your worth does not lies in your looks but it does matter what kind of person you are.



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