These 5 words can change your life

  1. Give

Joy of giving is unmatchable. The entire world is busy in taking and taking as much as they can. We human beings are afraid and insecure. Nothing satisfies us. We want swanky clothes, luxurious house, expensive watches and list just goes on. We are fearful and only a fearless person can practice giving. Happiness that comes along when you become a giver is incredible. You would want to give more…….

You would get addicted to it. Mirth of giving fills you with pride. You start to be grateful towards your life and believe it or not when you give, you get even more. We already have lot to give but sometimes we fail to identify our position and role towards our society. You could share your knowledge among children who desperately wants to learn something new and thirsty of knowledge. Thousands of children sleep hungry everyday. You could feed or share your plate with poor people. You could give respect and love to the people who are looked down upon or you could even make them smile. You are never in scarce.

  1. Appreciate

Appreciate people around you. Be its your personal or professional life. Appreciate your team members for their hard work. Appreciate your mom for packing extra sweets in your lunchbox. Appreciate your siblings for always being there. Appreciate your friends for being your family in new city. Appreciation is magical. Appreciation boost your employee. When you appreciate your team they would want to work for you. If you appreciate your loved ones, they would want to change for you. It can bring magical transformation in your relationships. We all crave for love and respect. Appreciate at least one person in a day. Appreciation doesn’t mean one has to be perfect. Each one of us is different. All you need is to tell the person what they are good at. Everyone is good at something. I am not good at expressing feelings but my sister knows how to bring the best out of me. She appreciates me for listening her because I am good at listening and she loves talking. We compliment each other and she is great companion for me. We easily get influenced by someones inadequacy and start to judge them but if we start looking at their good qualities our life would be so different.

  1. Forgive

Learn to forgive. Since childhood we are taught to be ambitious, disciplined, hard working and what not. No one teaches us to practice forgiveness. How many of us are carrying the burden of years old fight in our family? No one is ready to surrender. No one is ready to forgive other. Wherever we go, we carry this feeling of scathing towards them. But have you ever tried forgiving someone even if its their fault ? Forgiveness is easy and divine in itself. Lots of relations have broken because of ego and self-importance. If you want to stay happy and live long forgive others.

  1. Accept

Accept people as they are. Each one of us are different. If you expect someone to be like you, you are just wasting your time. No one can be like you and no one can be perfect either. Perfection is a relative term. I might be perfect daughter for my father but who knows if I would be perfect wife. Difference of opinion is inevitable in this world. Instead of putting entire energy in winning an arguments, can we try acceptance instead ? Accept your spouse for being blatant. Accept your child for being sluggish. Criticism can never help them. In fact too much of criticism might plummet their self-esteem and you would never want your loved one to suffer that way. Show greatness and accept them. Give them love and respect no matter how different their life choices are.

  1. Live

Many people keep complaining about their life. Other day, I visited an orphanage and I was dumbstruck seeing these little children. They were true gentlemen. They were smart, intelligent, polite and extremely welcoming. I was so overwhelmed by seeing their attitude towards life that I decided never ever to complain again. They taught me one very important lesson that our life is amazing and we are the most privileged people. If these kids can learn how to be generous and happy anyone else can. Live your life. Stop complaining about your situations. You have no idea how lucky you are right now to have a family to celebrate festival with, to have a decent job and to have this day.

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