The Finishing line….!!

And then, one day he just decides to give up 

what was unsaid for long time,

was done in a snap,

like a goal to be accomplished,

expecting her to be the accomplice,

for the most beautiful crime they kept committing,

like an unfinished task procrastinated for years,

yet felt so divine and blissful,

souls crushed to pieces before the finishing line

leaving the game for others to win,

except life ain’t game,

winners aren’t really the winner here was known to her

so she steps back and decides to be the second,

living in hope for the day he realizes,

being second with her was more fulfilling than winning this game

that day, when he wakes up just to be hers,

for the sake, he doesn’t gets hurt on that day ,

only to find her in other man arms,

she waits and waits till forever

right before the finishing line where he left……………


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