These 5 words can change your life

  1. Give

Joy of giving is unmatchable. The entire world is busy in taking and taking as much as they can. We human beings are afraid and insecure. Nothing satisfies us. We want swanky clothes, luxurious house, expensive watches and list just goes on. We are fearful and only a fearless person can practice giving. Happiness that comes along when you become a giver is incredible. You would want to give more…….

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10 things that everyone should do daily

10 things that I believe everyone should do daily to make their life better.

  • Do 15-20 minutes (minimum) of physical activity daily. It can be any form of exercise. If you are an early riser, you can go for morning walk, do few squats, jumping jacks and rope skipping. Avoid using vehicles to go to work, walk if you can. Do not sit in one position for more than 1 hour. You can go down and climb up your office stairs in intervals, do some stretches while you are at office……..

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